Stay Safe When You Shop Online

Shop Online Stay Safe

Each time we venture online, we make ourselves potential targets for online villains, and each time we venture onto an unknown site as we shop, we risk fake web sites or bogus retailers offering goods that don’t exist.

This is one end of the online shopping experience, the other is, its ease and convenience, its vast range of goods and services, and its practicality of being right there on a screen in front of Continue reading “Stay Safe When You Shop Online”

Trying Team Building

Trying Team Building

The atmosphere we work in today is a very different one indeed to that of just a generation ago. Regardless of whether the business is in the private sector or the public one, service industry or manufacturing, at every level, the expectations are for greater efficiency and even individual accountability.

These days it seems that all employees are under scrutiny to out-perform and improve, whether on the “shop-floor”, in lower, middle, or senior management.

The higher up the managerial ladder, the more focused the pressures can become, and can carry with them expectations and frustrations that can become self-defeating if they become Continue reading “Trying Team Building”

Backlink Building Essentials

How To Build A High Quality Backlink

A good backlink has several key attributes that will help your Google rankings. If one or more of these attributes is missing then the link loses value and can even harm your SERP’s.

How To Check A Potential Backlink

Each link that you create will either be on an existing page or in the case of publishing a new article, will be on a new page of an Continue reading “Backlink Building Essentials”

Waste & Recycling in the UK

A Look at Waste and Recycling UK

Since time immemorial, mankind has been throwing rubbish in holes in the ground. Pits and mine, ditches gullies have been dug since the dawn of time, and civilisations have formed, so waste has thrown in them.

Even today, excavations for one reason or another, can turn up rubbish pits from the days of this country being part of the Roman Empire, from plague pits of the Middle Ages to bottle dumps of the Victorians.

Since the end of the Second World War, the consumer society has been growing, with manufacturing producing goods costs previously unheard of, particularly with growth in plastics, the throwaway Continue reading “Waste & Recycling in the UK”

Drink – Drug Abuse & Driving

A look at Drink and Drug Abuse

Although drink and drug abuse sounds in itself an evil affliction that may happen to other people, hopefully far away, it is something that has been surprisingly close to most of us.

Alcohol is the most almost certainly the most widely used, and subsequently, most abused drug in our society.

Although it takes a step back and a moment or two for most of us to see alcohol as a drug, dear old ethyl alcohol is indeed a central nervous system depressant, and it slows some of our brain functions.

Alcohol is produced by adding yeast to the natural fermentation process of fruit, vegetables or cereal grains, which turns the natural sugars into Continue reading “Drink – Drug Abuse & Driving”