Backlink Building Essentials

How To Build A High Quality Backlink

A good backlink has several key attributes that will help your Google rankings. If one or more of these attributes is missing then the link loses value and can even harm your SERP’s.

How To Check A Potential Backlink

Each link that you create will either be on an existing page or in the case of publishing a new article, will be on a new page of an existing website.

The first check you need to do is to see if the domain is indexed by Google. Paste the URL into Google and it should be the first result. If it isn’t then it’s either not indexed, or indexed by not particularly trustworthy.

Assuming the page is indexed, the next step is to paste the URL into or to look at its link category and backlink profile.

This will give you a good idea about the relevance that a potential link will give you. You want to see a dominance of links from related resources as this will give your site the biggest benefit.

A good trustscore is also beneficial, the higher this score (0 – 100) the better. A link from this page will pass around 60% of this score on to your site, along with the dominant link category….. still not sure how to build category relevant links? Deeho will build them for you.

Be aware that link category can change from day to day, especially with sites that have a wide spread of different link categories pointing at them. It only takes one or two links to disappear, fail a Googlebot visit or change category themselves and it can impact your category profile.

Totally unrelated link categories should be avoided whenever possible.

Publishing Articles

If you are publishing an article then it’ll be on a page with no links (called an orphan in SEO circles). To make the article valuable to you, you need to build a few links to it.

This can be a problem for many webmasters because most only build the article in the first place because they were struggling to build good links.

This is the issue that many website owners face. Google require you not only to build the link that you want, but to also build links to those links.

What makes it worse is that the links you need to build need to carry some trust and authority otherwise your article won’t have the ranking clout that you want it to have.

Somewhere in your link profile, you need links on pages that pass relevance, trust score and authority…. there is no way round this part of the process.

If you are struggling to find and build good quality links for your site, or for your article pages that link to your site, ask how they can develop your link profile for you.

backlinks are the backbone of the internet, connecting relevant content and this relationship is used by search engines as one of the main ranking factors.